Small-Group Training

Can an average couple be used by God to have a significant impact with families? Yes!

The FamillyLife Couples Series (also called HomeBuilders Couples Series® or Art of Marriage Connect® in the US) are small-group Bible studies  FamilyLife has created to help couples apply biblical teaching on marriage in a non-threatening environment.

The couple that leads a small group does not need to have a perfect marriage or be expert Bible teachers. God can use their shortcomings in the lives of other couples. The most effective facilitators for HomeBuilders groups are couples who are willing to be transparent and share about their own struggles and challenges.

Most titles have six 90-minute sessions. Therefore, couples will only need to make a short-term commitment. This is one of the reasons couples may be willing to get involved even if they have never been in a small group. Six to eight couples are the ideal number in a group.

In every culture in the world, couples enjoy meeting together and talking about something important—their family. So when you start a small group study, it could lead to a movement in your city and across your country!

    • Pray for the group members
    • Prepare the lesson with your spouse
    • Keep the discussion moving
    • Don’t teach! Just ask the question and wait
    • Couples with various church affiliations or no church affiliation
    • Neighbors, co-workers, friends, and family
    • Couples who attended a FamilyLife event
    • Your home
    • Group members’ homes
    • Church
    • School
    • Theater
    • Café
    • Encourage balanced participation. Do not let a few people dominate the discussion.
    • Lead by sharing personal examples. As you prepare the lesson, decide together as a couple which examples you will share. Remember, a perfect marriage is not mandatory to lead a HomeBuilders group. Sharing your experiences (successes and failures) shows your group that you are on this journey together.
    • Expect God to work! God causes change in people’s lives—not you!
    • Create an environment where God’s Spirit can work. Hospitality, warmth, acceptance, fun, and encouragement create an atmosphere where people can feel safe and spiritually nurtured.
    • Share nothing about your marriage that will embarrass your spouse.
    • You may pass on any question you do not want to answer.
    • Each couple should commit to complete the HomeBuilders projects.
    • Maintain group confidentiality.

Titles available:

We recommend starting with Keeping Your Covenant—download a free copy. Or view a complete list of titles available on our online store.

A comprehensive list of small-group study titles in multiple languages is available here

Small-Group Training:

To download a copy of FamilyLife Global’s Small-Group Training manual, click here